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So … you’ve come seeking information about Victor D. Infante, have you? Many have come before you, striving to unlock his secrets. Who is he? What does he want? Why he is he still wearing that beaten-up leather jacket? All valid questions, but answers have proven elusive. Except for the jacket thing. Really, he’s just cheap.

Few things are certain: He was old when Atlantis was young, they say, and spoken of in Plato’s less-popular writings. Some say that he was really Merlin, or Rasputin, or the guy who was driving when Hunter S. Thompson got lost in Bat Country the first time. Some people say he’s actually Batman, but that would be ridiculous. Batman’s way taller.

Despite Vanity Fair profiles and the time the The New York Times followed him around, his past seems lost in a fog of confusion, obfuscation and outright balderdash. Perhaps it was the much derided Weekly World News report that held the truth: That Victor D. Infante is just a poet, journalist and fiction writer who was born in Pittsburgh, raised in Southern California, educated in England and who currently resides with his wife, Lea, and his pet ferret, Grimble, in Worcester, Massachusetts, which is a much nicer place than you’d expect.

He is currently the entertainment editor for The Worcester Telegram & Gazette, an occasional contributor to OC Weekly and the editor-in-chief of the online literary journal, Radius. His poems and short stories have appeared in numerous periodicals, websites and anthologies, and his first full-length poetry collection, City of Insomnia, was published by Write Bloody Publishing. He is an Aquarius, with all the entails.

But really, that could all be alternative-facts. The Merlin thing is totally more likely.