So, You Want To Read A Bunch Of Old Blog Posts, Do You?

Hi. Victor used to write all of his blog posts in Storify, because he liked the way it presented images, links and media players. Then, Storify went out of business. Thankfully, he managed to transfer everything to a similar web service, Wakelet, so nothing was lost, but he decided that tre-embedding more than 100 blog posts was probably not the best use of his time, so instead, he’s giving you a handy link to where you can go read all of ’em!

To read all of Victor’s Blog Posts, visit him here on Wakelet! If that’s not enough Victor Blogging action for you, you can to way back to his original Infante’s Inferno blog, now housed on Dreamwidth. (All the functionality of Livejournal, without homophobic Russian oligarchs!)

Enjoy your term paper!